On the next day of the trip, we’re heading north to visit a little town of Seaside that is a few minutes’ drive from Cannon Beach. The place is definitely bigger than Cannon Beach with lots of restaurants, unique shopping opportunities, ice cream traps and other tourist attractions. The most prominent part of the town is the 1,5 mile Promenade along the coast, and it looks pretty in the pictures with a proper sunlight. However, we weren’t lucky enough to see the beautiful light there; the day was grey and the lighting was boring. So, not too many pictures were taken to present the Promenade in its glory. From the historic point of view, this was the last destination of Lewis and Clark’s discovery expedition, and the monument to these famous North West explorers emphasizes this important moment. In case you want to get a photo in a vintage attire, there is a photo studio downtown!

If you’re looking for a place to inhale the breathtaking Oregon coast beauty any time of the year, Ecola State Park is the place to be. Even though the road to the park is narrow and curvy, it’s the best vintage point for admiring the view that you may recognize as a scene from many published photographs. When you get to the clifftop you see the stunning picture of Cannon Beach with its famous Haystack Rock stretching along the coast to the south . The mists and fog compete with the sun to create ever changing vistas. The white foam from crashing waves, the hues from cobalt blue to the multiple shades of grey in a storm – all these create a constantly changing seascape. These scenes have become an inspiration for a lot of artists and art works that can be enjoyed or acquired in local boutiques – same views but so many different and unique artistic interpretations. If you’re in the park early in the morning, keep your eye open for the’ wildlife, such as deer, eagles or elk. This alluring spot will never disappoint you!