The snowstorm in Seattle appeared sometimes in the middle of February. It such a rare ‘guest’ here that as the first snowflakes fell over the city it felt as if the winter magic started to happen.

The storm brought in up to a three feet of snow, power outages and road closures. It was as news reported ‘historic’ over the last fifty years or so. The snow blanketed the Seattle area with offices closed, schools shut down, emptied grocery stores’ shelves and residents wrapped up warm and cozy indoors.

But why a snowstorm makes us feel so romantic at times and puts us in the mood for snuggling by the fire? Is it that contrast between fire-n-snow, cold-n-hot? But it does feel good for being warm and safe when the storm is raging, and you get buried in a wool blanket, watch a movie and enjoy homemade pancakes with hot chocolate.

It’s also incredibly beautiful to watch the snowflakes dancing in the air to finally land on the ground. This snow-white carpet definitely looks pretty before it turns into slush!