Next morning the road is taking us along the Oregon coast to the local parks, which are at a close proximity to the town of Cannon Beach for exploring and, if we’re lucky enough, catching the sunrise. If we’re lucky? Yes, it appears that mornings are mostly misty and cloudy in this area, and every day when you get up early you gamble if you’ll be fortunate to see the sunrise before the sun shows up high above the horizon when that magic quality of life is gone.


Our first destination is the Hug Point Park, a little germ, hidden about five miles aways from Cannon Beach. A short walk from the parking lot, and you find yourself on a lovely sandy beach that is deserted this time of the day except for some friendly strangers who are in the socializing mode. Curiosity is leading us towards the sandstone caves that have intricate exterior patterns carved by the waves. They create a pretty setting for engagement and wedding photography, and those curious tourists who want to have a memory of being there. I wish I could visit this pace in a low tide to watch colorful starfish and other sea life nestling at the bottom of the rocks. Next time I’m there, I won’t miss this chance.

Our next destination is Oswald West State Park. It’s still early, but surprisingly the parking lot is full of life. This is one of the most popular recreational spots with surfers. One mile stroll through the rainforest, and a breathtaking view of a spectacular beach emerges from the mist. I fell in love with the driftwood washed on the shore by the ocean; these dead logs make this place unique and special.

All of a sudden, a magic happens, and glorious beams of light start streaming through the branches of the huge cedar trees sitting on the cliff. A view to die for! I couldn’t dream about anything more spectacular that morning! This light is truly magical and transforms the place to a little piece of paradise giving more life and colors to everything around you. I’m rushing to grab my camera to make some snaps before this magic disappears. If you ask me if I’d like to come there again, I’d say ‘yes’ without any hesitation!