La Conner is not a big place. Quite the opposite in reality. A little waterfront village with a charming character surrounded by farmland. Life centers around one major street with little buildings that house souvenir and antique shops, restaurants, ice-cream parlors and coffee cafes. We come here  around sunset to stroll in town in search of dinner, drinks and gelato. Geranium bursts into the street decorating it with bright spots of color. Charming in its rural beauty, the town is know for some good fresh seafood and beers. Like some other waterfront towns, La Conner is the best to be explored around the sunset. People stroll along the boardwalk, wondering, chatting, eating and drinking. And my favorite place to eat and drink there is Seafood and Prime Rib House. There are some other sweet places but this one is far better for me because of its finest seafood. Wonderful oysters, as fresh as can be. Served with my all time favorite French fries. La Conner specialty and so, so good! Accompanied with gin and tonic, of course. Followed by fish and chips to share. So deliciously simple, good local food, done right! They offer you cocktails, desserts and coffee, leaving you sit back, relax and watch the setting sun over the Swinomish Channel. La Conner you won my heart!