This spring month has been abundantly rainy and windy, yet with some spells of sunshine at times. Nevertheless, the temperatures were high enough for the cherry trees to emerge in their full beauty.

I can’t stop admiring these stunning shades of pink and delicate petals that create beautiful floating clouds in the strong gusts of wind. I always try to capture these fleeting moments even though low light conditions and the wind could make the pictures blurred and out of focus. Occasionally, I don’t mind having the pictures slightly blurred since it gives me the sense of the moment’s authenticity when the picture was taken. It’s better to get some snaps anyway rather not to get any, right?

I also had that new coral leather mini tote that was as pretty as the blooming trees, and I decided to use it a prop for some shots. I think it blends so nicely with the delicate petals and textured branches, and they all together create a lovely scene. Another thought that crossed my mind when looking at the pictures is that the tote is a keeper and makes a nice bright accessory to spring outfits like this black classic trench raincoat. Now, when I’m looking back, it was such a precious moment that set up my mood for the rest of the day, a day full of wonder and appreciation for the moments of admiration and calmness.