The Christmas celebrations are impossible without having a holiday sweater, and it does not necessarily has to be ugly. A holiday sweater is the genre that appeals to almost everyone.

Technically, you can have a two-tone sweater, but it can also have a mix of a few different hues – the more, the merrier, as they say. Moreover, Christmas is the holiday with no shortage of bright colors to play with. From pom-poms to bows to actual Christmas ornaments, a tacky Xmas sweater is one that fully supports festive mood.

The holidays should be a time when joyful and fun traditions can be enjoyed. So if you want to wear a fun, joy-inducing sweater, just wear it. It doesn’t require a theme party or sweater prizes. Christmas sweaters are fun, they are warm, they are comfortable and they make you feel good.

Therefore, I picked up this sweater because it’s fun, comfy, soft and pretty. And, ahh, I love these ruffle cuffs and the orange ornament! Once I put it on, I couldn’t take it off. I bought a size-up (they didn’t have my size) but also because I love the way it hangs.