Leavenworth is a destination to be visited if you’re eager to break the routine of your daily life. It’s quite simply one of the most beautiful and unique spots for a weekend getaway whether it’s an overnight or one day trip. It may not be too far from Seattle (only 135 miles), but in other way they are worlds apart. Firstly, it’s away from the Puget Sound hiding on the southeast side of the North Cascades Range. A 3,5 hour drive to Leavenworth goes through the picturesque Cascades rocks and is one of the most scenic routes in the state of Washington. So, you won’t be bored soaking in the scenery that takes you through the Steven pass with multiple rivers, trails and cute rural villages. Secondly, Leavenworth is the place where everything you can imagine is Bavarian. The little town is awash with murals, signs and houses created in a classic Bavarian style making it feel as if you’re wandering through an old Alpine village.

We strolled through the warm colorful streets, stepping in shops, galleries and pretty creameries stretching along the major Front Street, which is the heart of the town. It also nestles a bunch of hotels that are so pretty from outside that it makes me wonder which one I’d like to stay in next time I come here. As soon as we hit the end of the street, we race back down the hill in search of a bite and refreshments. You cannot beat Munchen Haus with its best assortment of sausages or bratwurst with a wide selection of sauces, sauerkraut and brewing beer and music. My favorite spot to eat and drink here. And then set off in a horse wagon with a final look back at the pretty town lounging in the sunshine amidst the wooded hilltops.