Cherry blossom is one of the hallmarks of spring in Seattle. If you’re in Seattle around this time of the year, normally mid March or later, ¬†you should visit an iconic collection of cherry trees in Quad at the University of Washington. This is a must see show! The blooms came out earlier this year, and were in their full swing last week. As soon as you enter the Quad, you’ll be wowed with the glamorous beauty of these 80 year old Yoshino cherry giants. Wide spreading branches are sinking in the clouds of white fragrant blossom. Stunning, breathtaking, mesmerizing picture!

Every tree has multiple stories to tell you, if you get closer. Just take a stroll along the allies under blooming canopies, smell their wonderful unique perfume and enjoy the moment.

Remarkable Gothic-style Quad buildings create a fascinating background for the blooming trees especially when the sun is setting down.

Get your camera ready to snap some pictures of this unforgettable moment that will last forever in your travel album. And don’t forget to include yourself in the pictures, it’ll make this rare moment very personal!