COVID-19 Quarantine dictates its own rules. Remote work does not require any dress code and most of the time I’m dressed up with nowhere to go – except the backyard for some sunshine and lounging.

For me, the biggest difference in my mood and day is waking up and getting myself dressed for the day. The best choice is putting cute loungewear or a comfortable dress on. I have noticed if I look like a slob all day long, in turn I feel and behave like one all day as well.

There is almost a mental shift in my mind when I get dressed for the day, especially when I’m getting ready to do my work remotely. I’m more focused and take it more seriously than when I’m still in pajamas.

In a free time, the major entertainment is to get out of the house and visit a local grocery store. I found this yellow jacket is mood lifting and fun. It’s lightweight, comfortable and I will be able to wear it all spring and summer! I found it on and it helps to make quarantine a more cheerful time and as a yellow token that it’ll end soon.