COVID-19 Quarantine in 2020 commenced right before the blooming season. Sadly, daffodil and tulip fields were shut down to observe the COVID safety rules dictated by the government. Even though virtual field tours were available on-line, and they were delightful, but they would never have been able to replace the real visits when you could see nature beauty with your own eyes and smell the subtle fragrance of the flowers.

To my great surprise and joy, LaConner Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley welcomes visitors this year. So, on the first sunny day we hopped in the car to see the blooming daffodils. Beautiful clouds of white and yellow flowers were stretching to the horizon, and being reconnected to Mother Nature made me feel as if I broke the ice of the quarantine chain. It was still early for tulips, they just started popping up, but I’m planning my visit again to the Roozengaarde in the middle of April.

I’m wondering if it’s time to go back to a normal life, the life that is free from COVID. Visiting the Tulip Festival in LaConner is just the first little step to enjoy things life has to offer. Let’s use the opportunity to see the beauties of the world other than viewing them on TV.