For the most part, viewing cherry blossoms is an independent event. Pick your favorite spot, bring a picnic or take a stroll and enjoy. If you want to see most beautiful spring blossom besides University of Washington Quad, you can head to the Grand Avenue in Everett. It’s a lovely quiet neighborhood with pretty old-fashioned mansions facing the Puget Sound. Which could be enjoyed by itself! There are plenty of benches to sit down to enjoy the view. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella because with good Seattle rain you never know if it’ll be shine or rain, especially in April. It seems to be a trend here – once the trees reach peak bloom, then the temperatures drop and the rain is a more frequent visitor here. So, a rain jacket and umbrella are a must to have on a stroll around blooming cherry trees. And this polka dot rain jacket is just perfect for a weather like this!