Everyone loves pumpkins for their bright cheerful attire. When sitting in the field, small and big, they’re trying to tell us – please, pick me, pick me, I’m so happy and colorful, and I can be a wonderful holiday decor for your outside porch! So, the first weekend in October is the time to explore a pumpkin patch and grab an orange ‘baby’ or more. I love it when the day is beautiful and dry, and then exploring a farm is more fun. I know I might sound a bit too excited but we all are still kids! Wandering around the patch and sipping pumpkin spiced latte afterwards watching kids on a bumpy tractor ride are my favorite things to do. And if you’re an animal lover, there are always little cute farm critters to adore and photograph! These moments of reconnecting with nature and simple lifestyle are absolutely special and give me energy and fall vibes that will last until Thanksgiving!