Spring! It’s all around the city in its full swing! It’s in its prime beauty with all the delicate blooms, blossoms, pastel colors and gentle fragrances! I can’t have enough of it! I keep wandering around the neighborhood in adore with stunning art works of nature! I’m trapped by these moments of beauty when I feel that I should stop and smell magnolias or cherry blossom. The weather is still cloudy with the spells of sunshine, but the days are getting longer and I’m in anticipation of those days when I’ll be able to wear lighter pieces that are fresh and airy. Today, i’m wearing this floral pencil skirt that has a feminine touch and remarkably matches the shades of the season with its white, grey, navy blue, and bright pink color flourish. It’s so perfect for spring, and comes in some other charming bloom patterns and colors! Check them out!

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